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Welcome to the Jersey Shore Professional Network

The Jersey Shore Professional Network is an organization of qualified business people dedicated to generating referrals for its members. Each business category is exclusive to one member. We conduct ourselves with the highest level of integrity and are committed to the satisfaction of everyone referred to us.


We're changing how we do things!

For more information contact Art Bernaducci at: 732-614-5832.

If you are interested in becoming a member, understand that attendance is a MUST. We expect you to be able to attend at least 2 meetings per month. Of course, there are times when that may not be possible and can be accommodated, but we are strict about attendance because if you don't show up, you lose the opportunity for a referral as do other members.

COSTS to YOU: Membership is $185 per year and lunch is $10.



Schedule to meet us for lunch on a Wednesday.